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Listening to fear
Il meteorite

Scritto da Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Diretto da David Solomon

A Sunnydale cade un meteorite che porta con sé un demone Queller, che ha l'abitudine di fare fuori le persone malate di mente. E proprio Joyce dà segni di follia a causa del tumore, diventando una potenziale vittima del demone. Buffy, già messa a dura prova dalla malattia della madre, si trova a fronteggiare così un demone mostruoso tra le pareti domestiche...

Sarah Michelle Gellar è Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon è Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan è Willow Rosenberg
Marc Blucas è Riley Finn
Emma Caulfield è Anya
Michelle Trachtenberg è Dawn
James Marsters è Spike
Anthony Stewart Head è Rupert Giles

Guest Stars:
Amber Benson as Tara
Kristine Sutherland as Joyce
Charlie Weber as Ben
Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
Nick Chinlund as Major Ellis
Kevin Weisman as Dreg
Randy Thompson as Doctor Kriegel
Paul Hayes as Older Night Watchman
Keith Allan as Skinny Mental Patient
Erin Leigh Price as Vampire Chick
April Adams as Nurse Lampkin
Barbara C. Adside as Creature
Debbie Lee Carrington as Creature


Autore e regista sbagliati nella pagina della 5° stagione



Dawn: "There's a girl at school told me that gelatin is made from ground-up cow's feet, and that if you eat Jell-O, there's some cow out there limping with no feet."
Dawn isn't as far off as Buffy would have you think. Gelatin is a protein which is obtained from collagen, typically from cows? bones and skin. The bones and skin are immersed in acid, and the eventual solution is processed to make gelatin.

Jell-O is a specific brand of gelatin dessert. It's common to refer to all gelatins as Jell-O, kind of like Kleenex.

Willow: "Oh, I feel just like Santa Claus... except thinner, and younger, and... female. And, well... Jewish."
Santa Claus is the legendary figure who is the traditional patron of Christmas in the United States and other countries. His popular image is based on traditions associated with the 4th-century Christian Saint Nicholas. You can read about the history of Santa Claus here.

Willow: (about history class): "We're doing World War One now."
Surely you've all heard of this war, fought primarily between Britain, France, and later the USA, against Germany, from 1914-1918.

Willow: (looking at the stars): "That's Canis Minor, and Cassiopeia."
Canis Minor is "the lesser dog," one of Orion?s hunting dogs. Cassiopeia is Andromeda's mother from the legend of Perseus. Both of these stars are most visible in North America between November and March.

Xander (about the meteorite): "Festive piñata? Delicious candy?"
Italian in origin, Piñatas are cardboard or papier-mache figures with candy inside. Generally used at children's birthday parties (or, in some Latin American countries, at Christmas), participants are blindfolded, spun around several times to lose their orientation, and then given a stick and requested to hit the piñata. When the piñata is split open the candy spills out and everyone rushes to get it.

Xander (about the planets): "Look at how teeny Mercury is compared to, like, Saturn. Whereas in contrast, the cars of the same name..."
Mercury and Saturn are, obviously, planets. They're also American car companies. Saturn is a newer company which currently sells 3 series of vehicles — the L-Series (mid-size sedans/station wagons), the SC-Series (sporty coupes), and their most popular S-Series (compact sedans). Mercury is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, which manufactures mid-to-full-size sedans and sport utility vehicles.

Willow: "The most recent meteoric anomaly was the Tunguska blast in Russia in 1917."
This was a real event, although in fact it occurred in 1908. (See Goofs and Gaffes.)

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Season Five
Joyce's illness has been a running plot-line this season, since "Out of My Mind."

Riley first let a vampire feed off of him last week, in "Shadow." He obviously liked it.

No Place Like Home
The mental patient released from the hospital is the night watchman that Glory attacked in the empty warehouse. In "NPLH," he mentioned his wife and two daughters, who are with him at the hospital in this episode. Also in "NPLH," the fact that Dawn is the key (and thus not a real human) was explained.

Prophecy Girl, Doomed, and Real Me
Willow says she doesn't want to be the one who finds the bodies anymore. This has happened to her in "Prophecy Girl" (the students in the audio-visual room), "Doomed" (the student in the dorm room), and most recently, "Real Me" (the magic shop owner), off the top of my head.

Season Four
Riley used to be in the military working for the Initiative. Key episodes: "The Initiative," "The I in Team," "Goodbye Iowa," "New Moon Rising," and "Primeval."

Real Me
Dawn refers to the crazy guy who babbled at her in "Real Me," telling her she didn't belong.

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Goofs and Gaffes

It's not the norm for the doctor himself to respond to a call button, as Joyce's doctor does. It would normally be a nurse or intern.
Spotted by Lori Ann Curley.

It's rather strange that the nurse can hear the crazy guy screaming, but not the screeching of the demon.

Despite it being well-established that Buffy doesn't drive (and is horrid when she tries) and Joyce probably can't (and certainly shouldn't), one of them had to have driven home, as no other explanation is given for how they got there. One could argue that they called a taxi, but nothing was mentioned.
Spotted by Lori Ann Curley.

Dawn had a somewhat odd interpretation of what the crazy guy said to her in "Real Me" — what he said was, "I know you. Curds and whey. I know what you are. You don't belong here." It seems a bit of a leap to describe this as him telling her that she wasn't real. It's also interesting that she didn't mention Buffy herself telling Dawn that she wasn't her sister, but perhaps she thought it went without saying.

Willow mentions the Tunguska meteor explosion in Russia, and gives the year as 1917. It was actually in 1908. (See also References.)
Spotted by Jenny.

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It again appears that Joss is treating Wiccanism more as a synonym for "witch" than as a religion (which it is), what with Willow still referring to herself as Jewish.

Lunacy: Mental illness has long been associated with the Moon - hence 'Lunatic'. A 1995 scientific study in Russia found that in some cases "planetary locations in relation to the lunar month could be correlated with the susceptibility to bipolar manic-depressive syndrome." - so maybe there is something in the old superstition.

By the way, the mental patient who gets attacked by the Queller demon at the crash site is the night watchman brain-sucked by Glory in No Place Like Home.

Little Monster: Debbie Lee Carrington, who plays one of the Queller Demons, has also played an Emperor Penguin in Batman Returns, and (get this) an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. She has a degree in Child Psychology.

Turning Japanese: There is a Demon queller in Japanese mythology, called Shoki - pictures were hung in houses as a good luck charm. Find out more about Shoki at this website.

The Name Game: The titles of both the preceding and the following episode are referenced in Listening to Fear. Giles suggests exploring further - going "Into the Woods," just after the body is discovered near the meteorite. Later on, the raving Joyce tells Dawn she’s nothing but a "Shadow."

Oops: Willow refers to the Tunguska meteor explosion in Russia of 1917. It was actually 1908.

Piñata: Xander jokes about the meteorite being a "Festive Piñata." Piñatas are often found at children's birthday parties and are papier-mache figures filled with sweets.

In something of a variation of 'pin the tail on the donkey', the idea is to blindfold a person, spin them around and get them to find and spilt open the piñata to get the sweets. Coincidentally, it's also the name of a low-budget horror film Nicholas Brendon made with Star Trek: Voyager's Garrett (Harry Kim) Wang.

Debbie Lee Carrington, who plays one of the Queller Demons, has also played an Emperor Penguin in Batman Returns, and an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. She has made appearances in Seed of Chucky, Austin Powers in Goldmember, She's All That, Mighty Joe Young, Men in Black, Total Recall and Harry and the Hendersons. Debbie has done stunts for Bride of Chucky, Titanic, Spawn, Dumb & Dumber and A Nightmare On Elm Street 7. She has a degree in Child Psychology.

Nick Chinlund, who plays Major Ellis, has appeared in Tears of the Sun, Once in the Life, Mr. Magoo, Con Air, Eraser and Lethal Weapon 3. He played Donald Addie Pfaster in The X Files.

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Willow stakes two vampires, proving Buffy's role as the one and only Vampire Slayer is obsolete.

Tara makes up her own star constellations including the Big Pineapple, Short Man Looking Uncomfortable, Moose Getting A Sponge Bath and Little Pile'O'Crackers.

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The mental patient who is attacked by the Queller demon at the crash site is the night watchman brain-sucked by Glory in No Place Like Home.

The titles of both the preceding and the following episode are referenced in Listening to Fear. When the body is found at the crash site, Giles suggests exploring further - going "into the woods". Later on, Joyce tells Dawn she's nothing but a "shadow".

Spike adds to his collection of Buffy items (Shadow, Crush) by stealing photographs of the slayer.

Joyce tells Buffy she realises Dawn isn't her own, but asked Buffy to take care of her.

The Scoobies do research in the UC Sunnydale library, which we saw first in The Freshman.

Willow says, "I don't want to be the one who finds the bodies anymore", referring to the episode Real Me, when she tripped over the body of Mr. Bogedy, the magic shop owner.

Riley lies to the Scoobies and calls the military for help with the Queller demon. He eventually decides to join the military in Into the Woods.

"Oh yeah, touching it was my first impulse. Luckily, I've moved on to my second, which involves dry-heaving and running like hell."

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Lunacy: According to Xander's book, primitive people used to believe that the moon was a cause of insanity. Sometimes they would pray to the moon to send a special meteor to fix the problem the moon had caused. These meteors were expected to quell the madmen, which they did, due to the Queller Demon which arrived inside them. The Queller hunts out the insane and 'quells' them by vomiting slimy fluid into their mouth, causing death by suffocation. Mental illness has long been associated with the Moon (lunatic is a derivative of lunar).

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Piñata: Xander jokes about the meteorite being a "festive piñata". Piñatas are a tradition often found at children's birthday parties. They are papier-mache figures filled with sweets, and children are blindfolded and given a stick to hit the piñata, to try and break it open to get at the sweety goodness inside. Interestingly, Nicholas Brendon (Xander) appeared in a movie called Demon Island in 2002, in which a demon is hidden in a piñata and is let loose.


Limping cows: Dawn says "There's a girl at school told me that gelatine is made from ground-up cow's feet, and that if you eat Jell-O, there's some cow out there limping with no feet." She's not far from the truth. Gelatine is obtained from collagen, which is usually cows' bones and skin.

Willow: "You know what's weird?"
Tara: "Japanese commercials are weird."

NOTE: In all the supernatural beings that Buffy and co. have dealt with, the creature in this episode is the first one to have come from outer-space.
For some reason, Bailey Chase (Graham) is uncredited in this episode.
The crazy guy at the hospital who said "There's no data there..." while looking at Dawn is the same guy that Glory fed on when she was trying to make the monk talk.
Willows "I dont want to be the one who finds the bodies anymore" comment dates back to earlier this season's episode "Real Me" when she trips over the body of Mr. Bogedy and to season 1 "Prophecy Girl" where she found dead students.

Per la prima volta cìè un gruppo di vampire donne che sconfiggono Giles e Xander ma che entrambe sono polvarizzate dalla piccola e fragile Willow.

Buffy ama gli yo-yo, anche in "School hard" (03-02) ne aveva uno nella borsa.

Willow regala a Dawn un libretto di incantesimi e buffy diceche ha regalato un libro per far rompere gli oggetti con il pensiero ad una persona che già rompe gli oggetti con il pensiero. In origine Dawn era destinata ad avere il potere di parlare con i morti e di muovere gli oggetti con la mente. Poi hanno cambiato idea.

Tara non dice il Mambo minor ma big pineapple, la grossa ananas. Mentre l altre costellazioni sono: "Short man looking uncomfortable, Moose getting a sponge bath, little pile o'crackers".

Joyce dice davanti a Dawn di avere un tumore al cervello ma lei ancor anon sapeva la causa della malattia.

Riley ha un cellulare per chiamare l'Iniziativa e sta per dire di essere l' si interrompe.

Joyce dice che Buffy assomiglia al padre Hank quando piange..

Riley dice al Maggiore Ellis che il mostro che ha ucciso il guardiano è extraterrestre ma in italiano questo particolare viene omesso.

Di nuovo Joyce non riconosce Dawn, le dice che è un'omra, come il barbone, il guardiano e tutte le persone malate di mente. La stessa Glory avrebbe potuto utilizzare una delle persone che lei ha fatto impazzire per individuare la chiave ma lei non lo capirà.

Per la prima volta entrano nell'Università e nella biblioteca della facolta di Astronomia. ma come mai possono entrare anche Xander, Giles e Anya?

La povera Joyce, quando dice che qualcuno la fissa dice la verità! Uno dei 2 demoni Querrel è appiccicato al soffito e la sta fissando. Non chiama aiuto perchè probabilmente pensa che è la sua malattia a farle immaginare il mostro.

Spike prende in giro Buffy dicendole che non può lavorare in un fast food (Burger Barn) come sarà costretta fare buffy in Doublemeat palace"(12-06).

In questo episodio capiamo che Ben sa chi è Glory ed è stato lui ad invocare i demoni Querrel.

Joyce si è resa conto che Dawn non è sua figlia ma che è comunque importante.

Paul Hayes (Guardiano notturno) interpreta lo stesso personaggio dell'episodio "No place like home" (05-05)




Musica: assente

Quotes dall'episodio:

Willow Mi sento proprio come Babbo Natale, a parte il fatto che sono snella, giovane, femmina, e... beh, ebrea.

Willow Dawn, per tenerti occupata.
Dawn Un libro di incantesimi, grazie!
Buffy Un libro di incantesimi? Una che rompe gli oggetti con lo sguardo ha ora un libro che le insegna a... rompere gli oggetti con lo sguardo?

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