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Musica sesta stagione

Musica sesta stagione

Episodio Artista * Album Canzone

101. Bargaining (pt. I)

Static X           *         Machine


105. Life serial

The Masticator    *     Masticate!

The kidnapper song

105. Life serial

Murder city Devils    *    Murder city Devils

Boom swagger Boom

106. All the way

Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions * Bavarian Fruit Bread

Around My Smile

106. All the way

Strange Radio   *   Pre-Release Pop Radio

Make Me a Star

106. All the way

Coin Monster     *    Schematic

Body of Binky

106. All the way

Nikka Costa   *   Everybody Got Their Something

Everybody Got Their Something

106. All the way

Fonda  *  The Strange and the Familiar

The Sun Keeps Shining on Me

108. Tabula rasa

Michelle Branch * The spirit room

Goodbye to you

109. Smashed

Roxy Music      *     Avalon


109. Smashed

Halo Friendlies   *  Ghetto Demo


110. Wrecked

Laika  *  Good Looking Blues

Black Cat Bone


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