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Musica quinta stagione

Musica quinta stagione

Episodio Artista * Album Canzone

79. Buffy vs. Dracula

Vertical Horizon
"Everything you want"

Finding me

80. The real me

OMG music library

Prelude from Holberg suite

82. Out of my mind

Nickelback       *       "The state"


84. Family

Yo la tengo             *       "And nothing turned itself inside-out"

Tears are in your eyes

84. Family

Motorace    *   "American shoes"

American shoes

84. Family

My vitriol   *   "Cemented shoes"

Cemented shoes

84. Family

Melanie Doane   *  "Addam's rib"

I can't take my eyes off of you

85. Fool for love

Crushing velvet


85. Fool for love

Avenue A     *    "Never the less"

Run cold

85. Fool for love

Elephant ride

Heal yourself

85. Fool for love

The killingtons
"THe killingtons"


85. Fool for love

Joahnn S. Bach

Partita #3 in E major

88. Into the woods

Emiliana Thorrini
"Love in the time of science"


89. Triangle

Blur              *             "Leisure"

There's no other way

89. Triangle

The Dandy Warhols
"13 tales from urban bohemia"

Bohemian like you

91. Blood ties

Star Ghost dog * "Great indoors"


92. Crush

Summercamp    *    "Pure juice"

Play it by ear

92. Crush

Summercamp    *    "Pure juice"


92. Crush

Devics     *     "If you forget me"


92. Crush

Ramones     *     "Greatest hits"

I wanna be sedated

93. I was made to love you



93. I was made to love you


Ok nightmare

93. I was made to love you

Los Straitjackets         *      "The Velvet Touch of Los Straitjackets"


94. The body


The first Noel

95. Forever


Tomorrow we'll awake


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