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Anche Joss Whedon scende in campo per Kerry

Avevamo già parlato della connessione tra Buffy e politica USA. Notizia di oggi è che Joss Whedon in persona (si, LUI) è sceso in campo, lasciando commenti su Whedonesque in cui pubblicizza Highstakes2004 e prende esplicitamente posizione a favore di Kerry.

Ecco quanto da lui affermato:

Hey guys. I wanted to post on the thread about the fund-raiser, but it’s long gone. So I’ll post on the X-Men thread instead.

The truth about the X-Men is...

...much less important than this election. Much less important than putting someone in the White House who knows the difference between leading and bullying. I’m here to confirm that I will be doing the phone-party on Saunday and I’m urging any and everyone to attend one or even host one. ( I plan to be incredibly funny and insightful, or mention some people who have been in the past. We can talk about politics, we can talk about Buffy, we can talk about car maintenence (though I’ll mostly just listen at that point) and I will once and for all tell you all what IS going on with the X-Men. And then we can talk about politics some more.

So many people are acting like there’s little difference between Kerry and Bush and that is not the case. If you’re for Bush I doubt I can sway you but if you’re one of those people grumbling about politicians all being the same I’m begging you to look hard at the facts and at the smirking face of the man who is doing more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime. We cannot let apathy decide our fate. I’m sounding all soapbox-y but I am truly afraid for our economic infrastucture, our dwindling natural reserves and most of all our place in the world. We need to act.

Uh, and it’ll be… fun...

It will. Insane Phone Posse, and for a great cause. Get in. I’ll stay on the phone as long as anyone will listen. Let freedom ring, unless it’s on vibrate. Can we pretend I didn’t say that?

Mi limito a traudrre quest’estratto: "Molte persone si comportano come se non ci fosse differenza tra Bush e Kerry. Se sei dalla parte di Bush dubito potrò convincerti, ma se sei uno di quelli che pensa ‘I politici sono tutti della stessa pasta’ ti prego di guardare davvero ai fatti e alla faccia dell’uomo che sta facendo più danni a questo paese che qualsiasi presidente che abbia mai visto nella mia vita. Non possiamo permettere che l’apatia decida il nostro destino. So di sembrare un ingenuo, ma sono davvero preoccupato per la nostra economia, per l’ambiente e soprattutto per il nostro posto nel mondo. Dobbiamo reagire.

Uh, e sarà… divertente..."

Postato da Michele il 21/10/04


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